3rd Street Tunnel | Construction Update/ Look Ahead
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Construction Update/ Look Ahead

Third Street Tunnel

11 May Construction Update/ Look Ahead



Following is the construction Look Ahead/Weekly Forecast, for the Third Street Tunnel Infrastructure Project which outlines work activities that may impact the surrounding community, as provided by Property Group Partners (PGP). Balfour Beatty Construction DC (BBCDC), the construction manager, will make every effort to advise PGP of changes that affect the scheduled events. The schedule is subject to weather and unforeseen circumstances.


  • Closures are planned for Massachusetts Avenue at 3rd Street on Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14 from 8am to 6pm on both days.
  • Additional utility work by PEPCO and DC Water is ongoing and will require periodic lane closures and/or detours.
  • A water-line tie-in is expected in the next two weeks.  When the date is confirmed, managers at impacted will be notified.
  • There will be ongoing single lane closures on surface streets for the next several weeks.

Now that the new Massachusetts Avenue Portal is open, here is a reminder of approved traffic routing:

  • Southbound traffic entering I-395 will use the new Massachusetts Avenue portal entering from the eastbound lanes of Massachusetts Avenue on the approach to 4th Street, NW.
  • Motorists traveling south on 3rd Street must use the D Street entrance.
  • There is no access to the new portal for motorists traveling westbound on H Street or Massachusetts Avenue.
  • Motorists approaching I-395 above New York Avenue or travelling westbound on H Street or Massachusetts Avenue, NW are advised to enter the highway at the New York Avenue entrance or use 4th or 5th Street to access the D Street on-ramp.
  • Eastbound H Street between 3rd and 4th Streets will be expanded to three lanes.
  • Eastbound Massachusetts Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets will be reduced to two lanes.
  • All other streets in the immediate vicinity will retain their lanes and basic configurations.



As an ongoing reminder, the contractor is adhering to prescribed work hours which include the following at Massachusetts Avenue and H Streets, NW between 2nd and 4th Streets:

  • Monday-Friday 7:00am-5pm
  • Monday-Tuesday 7:00pm-12:00 midnight, as needed
  • Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-6:00pm, as needed

Also, work in the I-395 Highway, including the new on-ramp portal being constructed at 2nd and Massachusetts Avenue is permitted for 24-Hours operation.  The highway work takes place overnight for safety reasons as there is much less traffic.


As noted below, work in the I-395 Highway will last for the next several months.  There will be overnight lane closures and detours to accommodate the installation of pre-fab concrete wall panels in the median and then vertical steel erection.  This work is not any louder than previous overnight highway operations.  However, there may occasionally be different sounds as the concrete panels and steel pieces are placed and secured. If unusually loud noise occurs overnight, please email info@3rdsttunnel.com or call 202-719-0196 to report the problem.


  • Additional 12-inch water line installation by DC Water has begun and should be completed by Saturday, May 20th
  • Street light and traffic signal infrastructure in progress.
  • Road repaving and repair underway.
  • New islands to begin shortly; working from H & 2nd Street west, counter-clockwise.



  • Old 3rd Street ramp demolition underway.
  • Crane pad concrete pour completed last week; new crane installation to be complete on Saturday, May 13th (and 14th if necessary).  The work will be completed rain or shine.

I-395 & 2nd STREET AREA NW:

  • Light fixtures, conduit, and pipe installation ongoing at night.
  • Lane closures being utilized in northbound lanes during the daytime.
  • Tilework at taper wall beneath Mass. Ave. Bridge completed.


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