3rd Street Tunnel | Construction Update/ Look Ahead
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Construction Update/ Look Ahead

construction 3rd street tunnel

22 Sep Construction Update/ Look Ahead


Following is the Construction Look Ahead/Weekly Forecast, for the Third Street Tunnel Infrastructure Project which outlines work activities that may impact the surrounding community, as provided by Property Group Partners (PGP). Balfour Beatty Construction DC (BBCDC), the construction manager, will make every effort to advise PGP of changes that affect the scheduled events. The schedule is subject to weather and unforeseen circumstances.


  • There will be a full closure of Massachusetts Avenue on Saturday, September 23rd with associated detours. No street work on Sunday.
  • Contractors will complete installation and marking of the high visibility crosswalks at 4th and H Streets; place permanent lane stripes and highway emblem in the Mass. Ave. portal and permanent marking in the Mass. Ave. lanes adjacent to the portal.

Now that the new Massachusetts Avenue Portal is open, here is a reminder of approved traffic routing:

  • Southbound traffic entering I-395 will use the new Massachusetts Avenue portal entering from the eastbound lanes of Massachusetts Avenue on the approach to 4th Street, NW.
  • Motorists traveling south on 3rd Street must use the D Street entrance.
  • There is no access to the new portal for motorists traveling westbound on H Street or Massachusetts Avenue. NOTE: There is also NO LEFT TURN from westbound Massachusetts at 3rd Street.
  • Motorists approaching I-395 above New York Avenue or traveling westbound on H Street or Massachusetts Avenue, NW are advised to enter the highway at the New York Avenue entrance or use 4th or 5th Street to access the D Street on-ramp.
  • Eastbound H Street between 3rd and 4th Streets will be expanded to three lanes.
  • Eastbound Massachusetts Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets will be reduced to two lanes.
  • All other streets in the immediate vicinity will retain their lanes and basic configurations.


As an ongoing reminder, the contractor is adhering to prescribed work hours which include the following at Massachusetts Avenue and H Streets, NW between 2nd and 4th Streets:

  • Monday-Friday 7:00am-5pm
  • Monday-Tuesday 7:00pm-12:00 midnight, as needed
  • Saturday-Sunday 8:00am-6:00pm, as needed

Also, work in the I-395 Highway, including the new on-ramp portal being constructed at 2nd and Massachusetts Avenue is permitted for 24-Hours operation.  The highway work takes place overnight for safety reasons as there is much less traffic.


Note: Work in the I-395 Highway will last for the next several months.  Nighttime lane closure has been suspended until October.  Daytime lane closures remain in effect for northbound lands. If unusually loud noise occurs overnight, please email info@3rdsttunnel.com or call 202-719-0196 to report the problem.


  • Over the next week, the concrete pours for the restoration of 3rd Street and Massachusetts Avenue intersection should conclude.
  • Installation continues of curb and sidewalk at the 400 Massachusetts Avenue location.
  • Granite curb installation continues at Massachusetts Avenue east of 3rd Street.
  • The contractor is in the process of connecting all street light and traffic signal conduits to Pepco manholes with cabling installation complete next week.  Awaiting schedule from Pepco as to when new signals and lighting will be energized.


NOTE:  Miller and Long, the concrete contractor for the Capitol Crossing project, will bring a mobile crane to the site and stage in the 600 block of 3rd Street sometime during the week of September 25th.  If they are unable to erect the crane during the week they will perform the operation on Saturday, September 30th. On the day of the move, 3rd Street will be closed between Massachusetts Avenue and G Street, NW.

As was done previously, the mobile crane will stay in the closed lane work zone until a large tower crane is erected inside the project site. The large tower crane will be put in place on October 21st and 22nd and Miller and Long will need to close 3rd Street on both days. The mobile crane will be removed at that time.

  • 3rd Street overhead protection system reconfiguration is under review.  Preliminary evaluation results are being evaluated.
  • Additional work on 3rd Street requires an ongoing single lane closure on 3rd St. One lane of through traffic is still open at all times.


  • Northbound/Southbound: wall tile install complete; awaiting door delivery; ceiling tile installation in progress.
  • Light fixtures, conduit, and pipe installation ongoing at night.
  • Lane closures being utilized in northbound lanes during the daytime.
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